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Sintered refining slag
Calcium aluminate
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Sintered refining slag
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Product Name: sintered refining slag
Detailed content:
I plant the production of sintered and premelted refining slag (calcium aluminate) it is made of high quality materials sintering or melting slag with synthesis, rapid, submerged arc, slag inclusions, absorption desulfurization effect, have the effect of deoxidation and desulfuration is very strong, can reduce the gas in steel, reduce the inclusion in steel. The product is sintered or melted with various raw materials and generates 12CaO, 7Al2O3 based minerals. Its content is more than 85%. A large number of calcium compounds can react with oxygen and sulfur in molten steel to form products with low melting point and easy to float up, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying molten steel. In the ladle refining, the steelmaking time can be shortened effectively, the ability to absorb the non-metallic inclusions in the steel is stronger, and it has a significant effect on the purification of the steel liquid.
Product features:
1. The reasonable chemical composition is beneficial to the slag formation as soon as possible, and the smelting time is shortened.
2, because the slag is fast, it can reduce the power consumption of the refining time.
3, reduce the consumption of ladle refractory and increase the age of ladle.
4. It has good desulfurization and deoxidization effect.
5. Because of its low melting point, there is a good adsorption of clutter in the process of argon blowing in ladle and the tapping port of electric furnace.
6, the composition is stable and uniform, and can be produced and packaged according to the requirements of the user.
Name content
Calcium oxide CaO 45-50%
Three oxidation of two aluminum Al2O3 35-40%
Silicon dioxide SiO2 <=4%

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