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Metallurgical effect of refining slag

1, the protective role of furnace lining

Refining agent in about 8% - 10% MgO, MgO slag saturated, so the dissolution of slag line near the package contains only a small amount of MgO in the slag lining, thereby reducing the erosion of the lining, foaming agent second refining effect, reduce the combustion corrosion lining arc, etc。 to improve the ladle。

2, adsorption impurities

In the refining process, due to the low argon blowing strong mixing effect, contact with the steel slag large emulsified liquid, impurities in the steel slag liquid (especially large particle impurities) a sharp increase in contact is due to the formation of refining slag melting molten oxides, and impurities in the steel is mainly oxide melt, according to compatibility in principle, the impurities in the steel slag and is easy to fall off, solubility and formation of large droplets and slag, capture other impurity droplets。 Due to the buoyancy of more rapid drop volume, floating on the surface of the molten steel slag, slag emulsification can become the nucleus of deoxidizing products, deoxidation products quickly form stable compounds, reduce chemical potential deoxidation product reaction。 Very good reduction direction, accelerate the reduction reaction。 Because of the higher content of Al2O3 refining agent, slag composition becomes very stable, and the deoxidation products (Al2O3) about the nature, but also changed the slag refining agent, so keep stable, deoxidation and desulfurization cleaning ability。

3, desulfurization

In the refining process, the sulfur content of the refining agent is controlled mainly by the proportion of molten steel to liquid steel. Because sulfur is one of the common harmful elements in steel, it has many adverse effects on the quality of steel. Therefore, the greater the desulfurization capacity of the refining agent, the lower the sulfur content of the molten steel.

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