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refining slag

Sinter type refining slag refers to the raw materials according to a certain proportion and size mixing, heating below the melting point of the material conditions, the raw materials are sintered together, and then crushed into particles to use after refining slag。 The composition of the refining slag is more uniform and stable, the melting speed is faster, but the cost is relatively increased, and the sintering process is easy to cause the suction of the refining process。

Premelted refining slag refers to the raw materials are mixed according to a certain proportion, use the special equipment in the high temperature melting of the material into liquid above the melting point of the slag temperature, cooling and crushing for steelmaking refining slag. Premelted refining slag of high purity, uniform chemical composition, phase stability, low melting point, slag forming speed, can greatly shorten the refining time and can be used directly for converter ladle slag washing process, improving the cleanliness of molten steel. And does not contain fluorine or a small amount of fluoride, reducing the erosion of the lining, effectively reducing the fluoride pollution of the environment. Because of the compact structure of the pre melting refining slag, no water absorption, easy storage and transportation, no powder, no volatilization, can significantly reduce the dust pollution in steel plants, but the production cost is high.

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