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Mastering 6 skills to improve desulphurization efficiency o

Mastering 6 techniques to improve the efficiency of refining slag is not a problem:

1. refining slag to be grinded (0.12 mm);

2., the injection rate should be in line with the [S] content. If the jet is too fast, the iron will appear unreacted particles on the water surface;

3., to prevent the slag from hot metal, the desulphurization efficiency can be reduced because the refining slag is easy to interact with MnO and FeO in the slag;

4. to have a deeper depth of gun penetration;

5., considering the decomposition of refining slag, endothermic, low temperature and high viscosity of slag, it is necessary to maintain high hot metal temperature;

6. [S] high sulphur content and good desulfurization effect, the unreacted refining slag slag will spread people less.

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